The following information will help streamline the process of acquiring a new rental property and the transition into your new premises.

Application for Tenancy

Each tenant must fill in an 'Application for Tenancy,' if you would like to rent a particular property. These are specific to each property. Our office must receive original signed copies of this application, along with supporting documentation required (pay slips etc). Click here to download an 'Application for Tenancy'.

Office Hours

9am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday, Saturday by appointment. A 24 hour paging service is also available by simply phoning our office number - (02) 40 500 313.

Rental Payments

Your rental payments must be paid in advance at all times as part of the Residential Tenancy Agreement. If at any time you are unable to make a payment before or on the due date, please contact the Property Manager immediately. Rental payments can be made by cash, bank cheque, direct deposit or EFTPOS. We ask that all cash payments be the correct amount as we do not have cash on the premises to give change.

Water Usage

The is an important part of the Residential Tenancy Agreement and it must be paid on time. It is subject to the same terms and conditions as your rent.

Rental Bond

Your rental bond will be lodged with the Department of Fair Trading. The bond is held as security against damage to the property or arrears at the time of vacating. The bond will be refunded to you upon the time of vacating provided there is no damage to the property and there are no rental arrears. The property must be in the same condition as when the Residential Tenancy Agreement was signed.

Periodic Inspections

During the course of your tenancy, the premises will be inspected periodically by Place Property Management. Notice will always be given prior to an inspection.


A duplicate copy of all keys is retained in our office for emergency access. Locks may be changed, after first obtaining permission from our office, and on the strict understanding that this is done at your cost and that you will supply us with a spare set of keys.


We strongly encourage you to insure your personal possessions against loss, damage or theft.

Electricity, Gas and Telephone

It is the tenants responsibility to have the appropriate account placed in his or her name(s) and then to arrange to have a meter reading prior to vacating the premises.

Repairs and Maintenance

All repairs are to be reported to our office when noticed. You can lodge a Maintenance Request Form or if the repair is urgent please phone our office on (02) 4981 1577.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance

When renting a property with a yard of any description you are also renting the grounds. The grounds must be kept neat and tidy at all times. This involves weeding, mowing and watering.

Termination of the Tenancy Agreement

Your Residential Tenancy Agreement is a legal and binding contract, providing protection for both you and the landlord. You can terminate the Residential Tenancy Agreement in the following ways:

a.) If you intend to vacate at the end of your Residential Tenancy Agreement you are required to give 14 days written notice prior to the expiry of the fixed term of your agreement. Click here to download a 'Notice of Intention to Vacate.'

b.) Once the fixed term has expired, you are at liberty to continue living at the property or vacate. If you intend to vacate, written notice to this effect must be received by our office at least 21 days prior to the vacating date.

If however, unforeseen circumstances arise and you have to vacate the property prior to the expiration date of your Residential Tenancy Agreement, please contact our Property Manager immediately and we will endeavour to find another suitable tenant. However, you will still be responsible for the rent until another suitable tenant is found.

We hope you enjoy your new home and we look forward to being of assistance to you!