As Property Managers we carry out regular property inspections and are fully aware of what to look out for in regards to ensuring risk free properties. Place Property Management provides our owners with regular updates and reminders about maintaining a property that is in good repair. We insist that our owners keep their properties in a state that is fit to live in and one that complies with Health and Safety Codes, Local Government By-Laws and supply Authority Regulations.

Failure to maintain a property can have serious consequences if a tenant/guest is injured. As a Managing Agent, we will recommend improvements and repairs progressively to protect your investment. Areas of importance include - ensuring steps are safe and secure, having safe electrical wiring and points, having secure balcony rails and flooring, ensuring floor coverings are free of loose threads or holes, and ensuring that windows and shower screens conform to Australian Standards.

To view Australia Standards visit or phone 1300 654 646.

Well maintained properties attract quality tenants.

Recommended Insurance for Rental Properties

If your property is managed by a Licensed Real Estate Agent (as we are), then you will be able to obtain comprehensive and competitive Landlords Insurance with ease. Insurance Brokers prefer to deal with professionally managed properties (some even refuse to deal with anyone else).

Landlords Insurance is specifically designed for Landlords and can cover loss of rent, loss or damage of contents, loss or damage to buildings, legal liability and tax audits.

You should check your insurance cover on a regular basis and ask yourself if you have current and adequate cover for public liability and domestic insurance. As they say... "It's Better to Be Safe Than Sorry".