Thank you for taking the time to consider Place Property Management Port Stephens as your managing agents. Very few landlords choose to manage their own properties and there is a good reason why... it is time consuming, can be complicated and for a small investment, Place Property Management will do it all for you! With nearly 40 years' experience and over 250 permanent rentals currently under our management, we can offer the peace of mind that your rental property will be well looked after.

As your agent, we would be responsible for advertising your property, finding suitable tenants, checking applications of potential tenants, arranging repairs and maintenance, as well as carrying out periodical inspections, reviewing rents, calculating and collecting water usage charges and payment of other accounts as directed.

Place Property Management have a tailored 'Management Agency Agreement,' that needs to be signed and returned to us for your property to then be listed for lease, to give us the authority to accept 'Applications for Tenancy,' and to manage your investment.

To allow us to manage your property we invite you to make an appointment with one of our team so that we can explain to you exactly what we offer.

How Do We Find Tenants?

We aim to find quality tenants for your property. To source tenants we use methods such as this website, a database of people who have signed up for our Rental Alerts and our existing contacts of tenants we know are looking to relocate. As you will see from this site we operate on a low vacancy rate, which is attributed to the efforts we go to in attracting long term, stable tenants. While most vacancies are filled within a 14 day time frame, much depends on the attributes of the property and the rent charged. Place Property Management provide advice and feedback on all of our properties to ensure they are occupied as soon as is possible.

How Do We Assess Tenancy Applications?

Place Property Management endeavour to ensure that we match suitable tenants to suitable properties. We have tenants who can both afford the applicable rent and maintain your property. Our selection criteria is detailed and documented. Please download a Tenancy Application Form and note the number and detail of references from employers and previous agents, income details, contact details etc. that are required. All details provided on a prospective application are checked and these checks are noted. Landlords are advised of their potential tenant and their suitability to the property. It is ultimately the landlords decision to accept a tenant and we will respect that decision.

How Do We Forward Your Rent?

Place Property Management credit your nominated bank account with your rent on the second working day of each month. These funds are credited to your account as cash and can be drawn upon immediately. A 'Monthly Statement' is then emailed to you for your records.

What Costs Are Involved?

All costs involved will be clearly explained to you at your intitial meeting with us. They are also detailed in the Management Agency Agreement that needs to be signed prior to Place Property Management managing your property.

How Do We Handle Repairs and Maintenance?

We identify repairs and maintenance via our regular property inspections and feedback from our tenants. Minor repairs are handled immediately by our Property Manager (and there is a cost limit on these repairs detailed in the Management Agency Agreement). For larger repairs you will be contacted by our Property Manager and quotes will then be obtained following your advice. Larger repairs will not be carried out without the Owners permission. As legislated in the Residential Tenancy Act urgent repairs will be acted on immediately regardless of cost. Only licensed trades people and suppliers are used and their insurances are checked.

All of the properties we manage are inspected in detail at regular programmed intervals. Tenants are advised prior to each inspection and owners may also attend inspections if they wish.

How Often Do We Contact Owners?

Owners hear from us via email, telephone and mail. Place Property Management forward a monthly statement, our Property Manager sends updates on Laws and Regulations and any changes at Place Property Management and specific communication regarding your property is provided regularly. All owners are encouraged to phone or call into our office at any time to meet the team and raise any issues and concerns they may have.

For further information please click through to the Department of Fair Trading 'Being a Landlord and Using An Agent to Manage Your Property.'