Maximising Your Investment

You have spent considerable time and research purchasing your Investment Property and incorporating it into your portfolio... but have you thought about how you will maximise ongoing rental returns? It's our job to make sure your investment property is working for you!

Place Property Management offer a personalised service and encourage you to contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your property and obtain a free rental appraisal. We will look after your property as if it were our own; ensuring you have quality tenants, are receiving your best potential rent and the property is well maintained at minimal cost.

Our entire team are here solely to look after property rentals. We do it all day, every day and it is our livelihood. You don't have the time and experience to devote to your rental property, so allow us to do it for you. It's what we do best!

Tax Depreciation

The ATO claims that 52% of property investors don't claim all of their available deductions! You are able to claim the tax depreciation of your investment property against your taxable income and there are two types of allowances: Depreciation of Plant and Equipment (for items within the building such as dishwashers, carpet etc), and Building Allowance (for construction costs). With tax depreciation you can reduce your taxable income by the amount on your depreciation report.

(Note that Building Allowance cannot be claimed for properties constructed prior to July 1985, but you can still claim Depreciation of Plant and Equipment).